FUN-raiser extraordinaire: Nathan

We are in awe of FUN-raiser Nathan! He's about to move across the county to live and work in Pittsburgh AND decided to see his new hometown the best way he knew running his first Marathon.

Who/What inspired you to become a charity runner? 

I’m moving to Pittsburgh from Albuquerque at the end of April. The Pittsburgh Marathon will be my first full marathon I’ve ever ran. Running a full marathon has always been a goal of mine and I’m hoping the elevation difference helps me out with my training. I figured because of that elevation advantage, now was my chance to complete a full marathon. Having never been to Pittsburgh before, I figured what better way to introduce myself to the city than to do this race and raise money for a local charity. 

Why did you choose Kids of STEEL as your designated charity? 

I happened across the Kids of STEEL program on the charity page for the Pittsburgh Marathon sign up. I’ve done previous volunteering for the Trevor Project which is a LGBTQ youth suicide prevention organization. Growing up in a small town with limited access to resources has instilled in me the importance of youth having access to resources and education! When I was looking at all the Kids of STEEL program was doing for the youth in Pittsburgh I knew I wanted to help support their mission! :)

What is your favorite...

Fruit: Bananas
Vegetable: Heirloom tomatoes 

Breakfast food: Only for the morning or can be served at any meal? 

Breakfast food ABSOLUTELY can be served at any meal!! 

Thank you Nathan for fundraising on behalf of the Kids of STEEL program. Click here to support Nathan and the Kids of STEEL charity team.

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