What speed, what animal?

by Kids of Steel

Run Like an Animal!

How can we get our heart rate up and our legs moving when we don’t have a ton of indoor space? Try this game to make running in place FUN!

Running in place during the winter months can be a great option for staying healthy while mixing things up with changing speeds. Here’s how you play:

Explain the various speeds of the animals you will call out. ‘Turtle’ is the slowest run/walk in place, ‘Cheetah’ is the fastest they can run in place and ‘Horse’ is in the middle of the two speeds.

Start the game by running in place with your child.

You can start with any animal, but kids love to run fast! I usually start with cheetah.  Run in place as fast as you can. You can slow down by saying ‘horse’ or ‘turtle’. Keep this up for as long as you can!

Another idea is use music to change speeds. Music off or turned low means walk or go slow, while music turned up louder means sprint/turn up the speed.  Again the goal is to increase the duration of each exercise over time and to have fun during the exercise with laughter and movement.

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