Kids Exercise Tips

Blob, you're it!

A group twist to the classic game of Tag. Read more

Fun In Home Family Fitness

Get together and get this family Tabata workout done in 30 minutes! Read more

Coach Corner: Coach Lynda

This month’s Coach Corner features Lynda Hoffman a physical education teacher for elementary schools in the Elizabeth Forward School District. Coach Lynda ran a race training program this past fall – read below for her advice on how to get kids running after a break. Read more

P3R Middle School Run Clubs

New grant opportunity for 2019! Train as a team and join us at the UPMC Health Plan/ UPMC Sports Medicine Pittsburgh 5K Run on May 4, 2019. Read more

What speed, what animal?

by Kids of Steel
This fun indoor game makes laps fun by getting kids moving at different speeds. Read more

The Truth About Stretching

Let's debunk some myths! Today we are taking a closer look at three stretching myths that might trip you up in your Kids of Steel training. Read more

The low down on calisthenics...

Calisthenics exercises are a great tool for runners who are looking to get stronger but are limited by factors such as time, availability of a gym or weightlifting equipment, or experience with weight training. Read more

What we talk about when we talk about running

Let’s define some of the lingo that is used in training plans so that you can better understand the training principle and exactly what you are getting yourself into. Read more