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Fun In Home Family Fitness

Get together and get this family Tabata workout done in 30 minutes!

Coaches Hitting Their Stride Series

We'd like to e-introduce you to Rose DeGregorio, coach at Abraham Lincoln Elementary School! Take a look at how her site operates. Read more

Kids of Steel on Pittsburgh Today Live

Kids of Steel meets up with Pittsburgh Today Live to talk about our program and the Chick-fil-A Pittsburgh Kids Marathon. Read more

Coaches Hitting Their Stride Series

In our next Coaches Hitting Their Stride post, learn more about how Barrett Elementary runs their site! Read more

Blob, you're it!

A group twist to the classic game of Tag. Read more

Coaches Hitting Their Stride Series

by Kids of Steel
Read about Coach Jen Siegle's journey to becoming a coach, and how she coaches at her site! Read more

Fun In Home Family Fitness

Get together and get this family Tabata workout done in 30 minutes! Read more

Heart Monitor Math

Running is good for your heart! Let's find out more about our heart rate! Read more

How I Work Out: Coach Derrick

We would like to use our blog to highlight how some of our Kids of Steel coaches and staff members stay active. This week, read about P3R's Coach Derrick. Read more

Coach Corner: Coach Lynda

This month’s Coach Corner features Lynda Hoffman a physical education teacher for elementary schools in the Elizabeth Forward School District. Coach Lynda ran a race training program this past fall – read below for her advice on how to get kids running after a break. Read more

P3R Middle School Run Clubs

New grant opportunity for 2019! Train as a team and join us at the UPMC Health Plan/ UPMC Sports Medicine Pittsburgh 5K Run on May 4, 2019. Read more

What speed, what animal?

by Kids of Steel
This fun indoor game makes laps fun by getting kids moving at different speeds. Read more

The Truth About Stretching

Let's debunk some myths! Today we are taking a closer look at three stretching myths that might trip you up in your Kids of Steel training. Read more

The low down on calisthenics...

Calisthenics exercises are a great tool for runners who are looking to get stronger but are limited by factors such as time, availability of a gym or weightlifting equipment, or experience with weight training. Read more

What we talk about when we talk about running

Let’s define some of the lingo that is used in training plans so that you can better understand the training principle and exactly what you are getting yourself into. Read more

Be the Leader of Family Health

As we all know, obesity is a problem in the US and is impacting our youth. However, addressing this issue isn't about putting kids on diets or taking away foods that they love. It's not about exercising all the time either! It's about making small changes to establish healthy behaviors and habits. Read more

Milk, Soy Milk, Almond Milk, Coconut Milk, Nut Milk...Huh?

Have you explored the milk options in the grocery store lately? It can be quite overwhelming. Having options is great, but is there one choice that is better than the others? Read more

Making the Most of Salad...or Spinach!

As a Registered Dietitian people think that I eat salads all the time. FALSE! Sure, they taste great and are good for a diet, but poking at the lettuce a thousand times just to get a bite (or the good stuff) annoys me! So how do I incorporate greens into my diet? Read More! Read more

Hit The Ground Running with Jr. Running Camp

Summer has arrived, and there is no better place to spend it than at the Kids of STEEL Junior Running Camp. Read more

Food Labels: Decoding the Mystery

What does it actually mean when a product label says 'good source of calcium'? Let's find out with Coach Nick. Read more

FUN-raiser extraordinaire: Nathan

Nathan is about to move to Pittsburgh, run his first Marathon in his new hometown AND raise funds for Kids of STEEL. Read more