Nutrition Tips

Be the Leader of Family Health

As we all know, obesity is a problem in the US and is impacting our youth. However, addressing this issue isn't about putting kids on diets or taking away foods that they love. It's not about exercising all the time either! It's about making small changes to establish healthy behaviors and habits. Read more

Milk, Soy Milk, Almond Milk, Coconut Milk, Nut Milk...Huh?

Have you explored the milk options in the grocery store lately? It can be quite overwhelming. Having options is great, but is there one choice that is better than the others? Read more

Making the Most of Salad...or Spinach!

As a Registered Dietitian people think that I eat salads all the time. FALSE! Sure, they taste great and are good for a diet, but poking at the lettuce a thousand times just to get a bite (or the good stuff) annoys me! So how do I incorporate greens into my diet? Read More! Read more

Food Labels: Decoding the Mystery

What does it actually mean when a product label says 'good source of calcium'? Let's find out with Coach Nick. Read more

Fruits & Veggies - Fresh, Canned and Frozen

We all can agree that fruits and veggies are good for us but have you ever wondered if the nutritional value remains when they're canned or frozen? Read more

Protein: How Much Do We Actually Need?

by Kids of Steel
Protein is very important. It is found in skin, hair, bones, ligaments, and tendons. It provides structure to the cells that make up our body, plays a role in immune system, and of course, is needed to build muscle. Read more

Breakfast Hacks

I don’t know about you, but I love a good breakfast! However, frying up eggs and home fries can take up time that you may not have. Here's a few tricks to make breakfast an easy part of your morning routine. Read more

Carbohydrates: Fact or Fiction?

We hear that carbohydrates are bad, fattening, cause inflammation and more. Fortunately, most of these statements are not true. Nick Fischer, RD, LDN tells us the truth behind some of the most common myths on carbohydrates. Read more

The Case Against Fad Diets

by Kids of Steel
Everyday we are told so many things about food. One day day this food is bad or that food will give you magic powers. These fad ideas do little to help you and often promote poor dietary choices. This becomes a problem because a child’s diet usually mirrors that of their parent or guardian. Read more

Food Myths that Need to Stop

by Kids of Steel
Kids of STEEL Nick Fischer, RD, LDN tells us the truth behind some of the biggest nutrition and food myths! Read more

October Comfort Food

A hot bowl of chili on a cool day is my version of a comfort food. And the best part is that this comfort food does not have to be “unhealthy.” In addition, chili does not have to be hard to cook. Read more

Saving Your Summer Veggies

by Kids of Steel
As summer winds down, here are some tips from P3R's Nutritionist, Nick Fischer, RD, on how to save your fresh summer veggies for the Fall. Read more